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    audio and video recording,
    debriefing, and playback

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Viso is the solution for video and audio recordings to educate, train, and improve the skills of your students. With Viso you can make independent recordings in multiple rooms at once, with up to four Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras in each room. Viso software is easy to use and provides quick results for immediate debriefing.

Viso records from multiple cameras, and rooms, simultaneously. Provided all rooms are housed on the same local network, dedicated to Viso, recordings can occur across multiple buildings at once! This provides you with freedom to design your training facility as needed.

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Capture your students’ behaviors during training sessions with remotely-controlled PTZ cameras, across multiple rooms at once. Gain insights to improve performance. 


Start and stop recordings across multiple rooms, independently of one another. Recorded videos are immediately available for playback from any location for debriefing.


During recording, mark your events of interest with a simple click of a button. See at a glance all markers, subjects, and comments in the graphical timeline.


Collaborate on projects by inviting others to view videos. Work together to create learnings from videoed sessions using sophisticated, yet easy, user management tools.


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Empower your training, education, research, and product development!

Benefit from the features of Viso to produce your best results. Viso can be applied to almost every need or market. The fields of clinical psychology, education, human factors, and healthcare in particular have found Viso to be an invaluable tool that drives growth and performance.

Viso adds value to fields such as sports, user experience, and legal as well.

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Our lab and our clinical spaces with the fabulous Noldus Technology are a lot different than a lot of other universities. We’ve had such a great experience with Noldus.

Dr. A. Ervin | Delaware Valley University